2010 NANO Summer Institute

Monday - Reflections and Images

Nanotechnology is the wide-open field of the future.

Wikis can be confusing.

Dr. Lieberman's presentation was interesting but maybe a little too technical for some.


Tuesday - Reflections and Images

The new Engineering Building is amazing.

Wednesday - Reflections and Images


The ping pong ball activity was very good. I would suggest rewriting it to use 'ping pong balls' instead of 'tennis balls'. Students will expect the full sized, felt covered balls if you call them tennis balls. Consider making the boxes smaller, using marbles.

Pedagogy reflections:

Make sure to have different levels of presentations for different grade levels

Contact teacher beforehand to find out student background (i.e., have the students been at a school where the presentation has been given before.

Check to see the level of tech/equipment at the school - the idea about getting laptops to bring in is great.

Be aware that some schools cannot modify class schedules, so if a grad student is coming out for multiple classes, they would have to rearrange their schedule to hit all of the classes (or have different grad students for different class times).

The telescope would probably not be good for high school levels.

Develop virtual tours of the ND labs emphasizing what kind of research can be done, not necessarily going into a lot of detail on specific projects.

Thursday - Reflections and Images

Friday - Reflections and Images


Val's Applications and Implications presentation should be the first thing used to introduce nano. Then go into scale and optics to show what nano is and why we need better techniques. Then go through the various scopes to show that we can 'see' smaller and smaller scales and eventually manipulate atoms. Then use the comparison as a wrapup.

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